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24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell - 2013

posted Oct 7, 2013, 9:10 AM by Kansas City Climbing Community   [ updated Oct 18, 2013, 9:54 AM by Carol Fittell ]

What is 24HHH?  Simply put, “Hell” is a 24-hour, redpoint, climbing competition.  Hosted by Horseshoe Canyon Ranch near Jasper, Arkansas, climbers from around the country (and the globe!) join together to test their metal for a solid 24-hours of climbing.  All routes must be climbed cleanly to count, and two laps may be climbed on any single route.  What started as a small gig in 2008, quickly escalated to a massive, festival-like, 3-day event.  Costumes, funky haircuts, and more spectators than competitors make this comp a must for your tick-list, but be quick:  registration filled in 4 minutes for 2013. 

While Arkansas had the most climbers, it’s hard to tell exactly how many represented KCCC as our climbers are split between Missouri and Kansas which represented a combined 65 climbers.  As self-reported on facebook, here are the results from KCCC teams of 24HHH 2013!

24HHH Results

Jeremy CollinsDueling Liberace Conquistadors On A Flaming Unicorn of Destiny

Jeremy Collins + Dylan Johnson

3rd Place Overall Team

380 Team Pitches - New Record!

Taras Zelenchuk
A mental mind fuck can be nice.

Taras Zelenchuk + James Boyd

3rd Place Advanced Team

3rd Place Advanced Individual - Taras

Best Haircut - Taras!

Ryan Surface & Bryan Lesage

Rebel Riders Volume 4: Hangin Brains And Fistin Cracks

Ryan Surface + Bryan LeSage

7th Place Overall Team

100+ Routes Each

Natalie Neal Dower & Dick Dower
Leather and Lace

Natalie Neal Dower + Dick Dower

134 Pitches - New Female Record!

100+ Routes Each

(Also competed in the new, 12-hour comp.  Total badasses.)

Outta the pack on the rack in the crack

Bryan Schillig + Joseph Dawson

Most Trad Routes: 94 Individual - Bryan

Most Trad Routes: 188 Team

So does this lycra make our nuts look big?

Carl Brockhoff + Eric Green

100 routes each!

Micahel Tarne & Patrick Hum
Send Team Six

Michael Tarne + Patrick Hum

60 Routes Each

Johanna Bravo + Erica Walter
<Team Name Unknown>

Johana Bravo + Erica Walter
85 Team Routes

Team Phalangicide!

Andy Eastman + Jeff Marett
100 Routes for Andy!

12HHH Results

Leather and Lace

Natalie Neal Dower + Dick Dower

2nd Place Team

1st Place Women’s


Dakota Walz + Greg Jeb Parker

1st Place Individual - Dakota Walz

100+ Routes for Dakota!

Elsa Bleeker + Jessica Turlin
The Cave Women

Jessica Turlin + Elsa Bleeker

1st Place Recreational Team

100 Team Routes!

If you did not make it on the list that’s because you didn’t post your results on the KCCC facebook page, so shoot us an email so we can add your details! Send me your team picture and I'll add it by your name, too.  For more info on the comp you can follow 24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell on facebook, or on their website.  I also highly recommend watching this video of Jeremy Collins directing the Climber’s Creed.  

-Carol Fittell

Vice President