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December Meeting - Movie Night @ The Cave

posted Dec 13, 2013, 9:11 AM by Carol Fittell   [ updated Dec 13, 2013, 11:36 AM ]
Thanks to everyone who came to the December KCCC meeting at the Cave, and a special thanks to The Cave for hosting us!

About 30 members ventured down to underground KC to gather around loads of food and veggies, while we waited for the wonderful Bryan Schillig and his partners-in-cold to cook us delicious burgers, hotdogs, and veggie burgers, despite the weather! A great time of talking and catching up with fellow climbers and friends, new and old, was had by all. Then several carabiners and $10 giftcards were raffled off, along with the grand prize – a brand new rope! Congratulations to Erica Walter for her big win! 

$200 was raised in the raffle which will go to the David Homrighausen Memorial Fund. For those who don't know Dave, to many of us in the community he was known as "muscle Dave" as a way to keep all the Davids straight who regularly climb at Monster Mountain. Unfortunately, Dave passed away in early November, survived by his wife and two sons.  We hope this small contribution will help ease the difficult times that follow in the wake of a death.

After everyone had eaten their fill, we made our way into the Cave where some people bravely bouldered while the rest of us sat back comfortably to digest and watch Sylvester Stallone dyno and free solo his way through ice, snow, and international thieves to save the day.

Food, climbers, raffles, and cheesy climbing movies underground – what more does one need to keep warm on a cold winter night? Hope to see the rest of you at our January meeting/Christmas party!


Future Events:
We are still looking for a member to host the January winter party. Please email Bryan Schillig at kcclimbingclub@gmail.com if you are interested in hosting.

Mary Ashley
KCCC Member