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Fall 2015 Updates

posted Sep 1, 2015, 9:57 AM by Kansas City Climbing Community   [ updated Sep 2, 2015, 7:54 AM ]
Hello KC Climbers!

I hope everyone is getting out and enjoying this incredible "summer" weather we've been having. As it gets cooler, we'll pick up our activity as a group, coming off of our summer hiatus. If you have ideas for events, clinics, or trips, hit us up. We love to hear what you guys want! Keep reading for an inside scoop of what we're looking at for this fall:

CLINIC Double Header - THIS WEEK!
Clinics are held at Monster Mountain from 7pm - 9pm. We will be on the far slab wall. There will be demo time and practice time. The wall is open for climbing from 6pm - 10pm, so show up early or stay late to climb. Mention the clinic for 1/2 price entry ($5.50). If you see Virginia, give her a big "thank you" for hosting us! All clinics are taught by me (Carol Fittell, VP).

#1 Anchor Cleaning
Wednesday, September 2nd

#2 Anchor Rigging
Thursday, September 3rd

24HHH - Slip N Slide
For our 3rd year in a row (the 10th anniversary of Hell) we will be hosting a slip-n-slide at the 24-hour climbing competition held at Horseshoe Canyon Ranch near Jasper, AR called 24-Hours of Horseshoe Hell; or just "Hell".

Local Teams: we want YOU to wear our tattoos! And we want to recognize you guys on our website. KC always makes a strong showing, so, if you're not competing, head on down to root on the climbers and enjoy the festival-like activities anyway! I already have a list of 16 teams (32 mates) participating in either the 12 or 24-hour comp. If you see me before then, I'll have tattoos with me, so hit me up! (Tattoos are $1 each for any non-competitor who wants to rep the KCCC!)

"Local" Competitor List
Jean & William
Scott & Jon 
Chris & Andy
Tarik & Todd
Spencer & Kyle
Ida & Morgan
Natalie & Dick
Ryan & Dakota
Taras & James
Megan & Marcus
LadyVee & Tommy 
Kirk & Jon 
Krista & Walter
Allison & Britt
Cameron & Marc
 & Andrea
Jeremiah & Nik

VOLUNTEERS: To run the Slip N Slide we need volunteers for setup and tear down. Shoot us a message to commit, and Bryan or I will get you more info on when to be and where.

Fall Trip(s)
Likely held in October or November. Shoot us a message with your date and location preferences. Camille and I will also host a Ladies' Trip, although for that one I decide the date and location, but suggestions are welcome.

Membership Cards & Paraphernalia
If you need to renew your membership, officers can take cash or check, or you can pay on our website. Ambassadors Peter Chollet (Ibex) and Aaron Cochran (Monster Mountain) can also sell memberships. We also have stickers for $1 each, tattoos for $1 each, and t-shirts for $21, which can also be paid for on our website.

Other Possible Events

1. AMGA Certified Courses (Climbing Courses with Vertical Voyages)
Jon Richard with Vertical Voyages, based in the Midwest, has offered to bring a class to KC at a discounted rate. Jon has been guiding and teaching climbing for over 10 years and is an AMGA Certified Rock Guide. He is also a Rock Warriors Way trainer. The Warriors Way address how to use our attention more effectively while climbing.  This specifically helps climbers deal with fears, better understand fall consequence, and helps climbers trust their body to climb with less mental interference.

If we garner enough interest, we could bring him in for a course on SELF RESCUE, the ROCK WARRIORS WAY, or some other pertinent topic. Alternatively, you are welcome to hire him out as a private guide as well! His contact info is on the "Membership" page of our website. Shoot us an email (or talk to one of us) if you support bringing Jon to KC!

2. Raven Rocks Trail Building
Thank you, again, Dakota, for all your efforts to make Raven Rocks an awesome new locale for local climbers! While the climbing may be super fun, the approach is currently not. A single work-day could significantly improve the access while simultaneously being an enjoyable day with climbers and a bit of climbing.
VOLUNTEER: We could really use a volunteer to spear-head this project. Preferably someone with a little trail-building expertise (or at least willingness to do some research).

3. REEL Rock
Backwoods (RIP) has previously hosted REEL Rock (a climbing film fest of sorts), and we're hoping someone else in the community will step in to keep it coming to KC. We'll post more when we know more. If you want to make sure to see these inspirational climbing films, head on down to 24HHH for a viewing included with your weekend pass.

So many new gyms in the area; so much PSYCH! Check them out on facebook for the most up-to-date information.

1. Apex Bouldering Gym - Open Now - Grand Opening TBA
7200 W 106th St
Overland Park, KS 66212
$11 day pass for Bouldering

2. Ibex West - Open Spring 2016
Location TBA
Overland Park, KS
Same amenities as Ibex, but a newer/better facility!

3. RoKC - Opening this winter?
1501 HowellNorth Kansas City, MOIn search of (preferably certified) head route setter.
All inclusive climbing, training, and cross-training gym.
Ground breaking ceremony held 8/18/2015.

I'm slowly posting old newsletters, so read what the club used to be like, way back in the 80's! ​I've posted the newsletters from 1984 which includes club rosters and a hand-drawn guidebook. My how things have changed! Thanks to Jim Grace for hoarding all these old copies!

Cliff Drive Grant
We (Bryan) has applied for a second round of the American Alpine Club and REI grant we received last year for extending the retaining wall and managing the draining issues at Cliff Drive. We'll know in a few months if we're getting it or not.

Anchor Replacement Grant
We're also applying for an newly minted Anchor Replacement Fund through the American Alpine Club (AAC) and the Access Fund (AF) for Warsaw, Missouri. As climbing hardware is starting to age, it's up us as the community of local climbers to maintain our local crags. That said, it's still each individual's responsibility to asses the risks they're willing to take. Next time you see someone who bolts, give them a hug and a big thank you for their passionate, exhausting, thank-less work.

Carl Brockhoff, who has served as the KCCC Secretary for the last few years, has accepted a position as Youth and Education Director with two churches in the Denver Metro area. This means that he is, unfortunately, resigning his position with the Kansas City Climbing Community. We are sad to see him go, but wish him and his family the best of luck and good climbing in Colorado.

Leadership Opening
If you are interested in joining KCCC leadership as Secretary, shoot us a message!

​Happy Climbing! ​

​Carol Fittell​
​Vice President
Kansas City Climbing Club