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Meeting - Gear Swap & Potluck

posted Aug 5, 2013, 6:07 AM by Carol Fittell   [ updated Aug 22, 2013, 12:15 PM ]

Thank you to everyone who showed up to make the August meeting a fun success!  Members spread their goods across the tables then haggled and traded gear and advice.  Items ranged from climbing shoes and quickdraws to tents and books.  A few items didn't find a new home, so you might see them cross the facebook page the next time the owner is strapped for cash.  

Around 6:30 we dove into the the wonderful spread of hot-dogs, hamburgers, fresh veggies, spiced hummus, bean dip, guacamole, cheese platters, and more!  Thank you, Julie, for providing plates and cups for those of us who forgot!   About 40 people showed up (ages 2 to 60+) with a handful of friendly, four-legged friends.  Shortly after 7:00 we convened for the meeting.  Minutes are as follows:

Website - The KCCC website is up and running!  Whoot!  Click around, give me feedback.  

Membership Cards - New cards have been printed!  Contact an officer (Bryan, Ryan, Carol, Carl) or "Gym Liaison" (Aaron, Chris) to purchase a $20 Membership, good for one year.  If you never carry cash or can't meet up with an officer, an online payment method is now available on the Membership page. 

Raffle - Colleen, of Blissful Zen Bodywork & Massage, was gracious enough to give us a Free 1-hour Massage Gift Certificate!  We raffled the massage off for $1 per ticket with the proceeds collected for a scholarship fund for local, competitive climbers (who/when/what TBD).  For everyone who didn't win, you can still receive $5 off an hour massage, or $10 off a two-hour massage by showing your membership card at your appointment.  Four of us at the meeting have had the luxury of experiencing her work and all highly recommend her! 

September - KCCC is hosting a Slip N Slide after 24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell.  All members are highly encouraged to hang out, encourage the competitors, and join in the festivities.  For anyone who hasn't been, it's an incredible weekend with amazing feats of discipline by all the 24-hour competitors.  

October - Outdoor Etiquette, especially the transference from gym climbing to outdoor climbing, was requested as content for the October meeting.  Possibly bringing in a speaker from the Access Fund to talk to us about how to be good stewards of the great outdoors, and thus maintain access at our favorite crags.  An Anchor Cleaning Clinic was also requested before the Fall Trip in November.    

November - Fall Trip!  Members present chose early November (not the weekend of the HCR Adventure Race) for the date, and suggested either Jackson Falls, IL or Haw Creek, AR for location.  Voting is up on the facebook page, or you can cast your vote below.    


December - Ideas for December and the rest of winter included slideshows (Jeremy Collins, Jim Grace, Jessie Gross?), clinics, the Annual Winter Party, and possibly a climbing movie night at The Cave.  Have any other ideas for events or content you'd like to see from KCCC?  Send us an email at KCClimbingClub@gmail.com.  

2014 - After having attended one himself, Bryan is interested in bringing an Outdoor Festival to the KC area!  This would theoretically be a joint event with other local outdoor clubs covering sports such as trail running, mountain biking, backpacking and hiking, canoeing and kayaking, etc..  Tents from outdoor industry companies would be set up and fun contests and activities would occur throughout the day.  Is this something the KCCC is interested in putting on?  It would be a BIG deal! Share your thoughts with us!

After the meeting convened, members dispersed for more gear swapping, pot-lucking, bouldering on the shelter's limestone-block walls, and slacklining on the 3 lines set up between nearby trees.  Thanks to everyone who participated and hopefully this post will serve to inform and involve anyone who wasn't able to attend.  

Happy Climbing!

Carol Fittell
Vice President