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Meeting - Outdoor Ethics & Climbing in the UK

posted Oct 18, 2013, 8:44 AM by Carol Fittell   [ updated Oct 24, 2013, 7:34 AM ]
Thank you to everyone who showed up for the meeting.  Hopefully everyone learned a little (or a lot)!  Special thanks go out to Moosejaw for hosting, providing the club with an extra discount, and for contributing a Sterling Rasta Rope plus $60 in gift cards for our raffle/fundraiser.  Thanks to Jesse Gross for his presentation on Outdoor Ethics: From Gym to Crag, and to Daniel Money for his comically informative presentation on Climbing in the UK.  Thanks to Jeremy for lending his projector and screen, and no thanks to me for forgetting to set up my speakers.  With formalities out of the way, onward to the meeting minutes! 

Past Events Recap

Slip N Slide

KCCC hosted a slip-n-slide after 24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell.  Even though it rained, the event was considered a success, and we will likely continue to sponsor a Slip N Slide at 24HHH in the future.  Major props to Bryan for staying up 40ish hours in a row to make this happen.  He competed in the 24-hour event, then stayed up to help setup the slip n slide.  You the man, Bryan.  


KCCC had a fantastic showing of teams for 2013 and took down records in almost every category.  Local ladies: we could use a few more KCCC names in the record books!  For (in)complete results, check out our post on 24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell.  If you know of someone who needs to be added to the list, send me their results (and a team pic would be nice) so I can add them to the ranks! 

Crag Cleanups

See our post on Cliff Drive to read about KCCC's joint effort with REI and ERTA to clean up our local crag.  ERTA is hosting another cleanup this Saturday, October 19th at 9:00am where they will start prepping the 20 miles of mountain bike trails they have envisioned for the area.  Head over to the Cliff Drive Website for more information. 

Future Events

November - Fall Trip

Who: KCCC!
What:  Rock Climbing, single-pitch, sandstone, sport and trad.  Top ropes set up by experienced members for new climbers.  Burgers, meaty and vegan, provided by KCCC (possibly Dan's famous garlic burgers!) on Saturday night; bring a side-dish to share!
When:  Friday, November 1st, through Sunday, November 3rd
Where:  Jackson Falls, in Southern Illinois 
Why:  Fall is a fantastic time to climb new places with great friends!
More:  Bryan and I headed there this past weekend for reconnaissance.  We found a couple sites that look big enough to hold the group.  Paige will be securing our site sometime Friday morning, so look for the KCCC banner! Halloween costumes are encouraged.  You can start planning your trip with information from this document, which can also be found on the Resources tab of our website.  If you have specific questions, shoot us an email at KCClimbingClub@gmail.com.  If you want/need to carpool, fill out the form below:

Fall Trip Carpool

December - Movie Night

Join us for a night of climbing movies and climbing stoke.  Location TBD.  

Movie Requests

January - Winter Party

We're going to go ahead and assume that everyone is too busy in late December for a proper Holiday Party and instead, as usual, host a winter party in January.  If you're interested in opening your house to the love and warmth that is the KCCC, shoot us an email at KCClimbingClub@gmail.com

February - Slideshow

Past president, Corbin Brady, has offered to present a slideshow on climbing in the Bugaboos!  "The Bugaboos are a mountain range in the Purcell Mountains of eastern British Columbia, Canada. The granite spires of the group are a popular mountaineering destination." - Google. 


Winter is a great time to practice your rope skills.  Let us know what clinics you want to see and we'll do our best to get them rolling!



Outdoor Etiquette: From Gym to Crag

If you didn't make the meeting, what you really missed out on was the presentations.  Past president, Jesse Gross, bridged subjects from crag dogs to wag bags (Did you know: WAG stands for Waste Alleviation and Gelling?) on the topic of Outdoor Etiquette.  

Outdoor Ethics by Jesse Gross

British Climbing

Daniel Money followed with a comical presentation on British Climbing.  Yes, they are indeed a bit nuts.  

Raffle Fundraiser

The final agenda item of the night involved raffling off a Sterling Rasta Rope and six $10 gift cards to Moosejaw.  Raffle tickets cost $5, or five for $20.  Proceeds of this raffle are going to development efforts at Cliff Drive.  We raised a whopping $325.00!  Way to support local climbing, KCCC; you guys rock!  Winners of the raffle included the grand-prize rope going to Camille, and the $10 Gift Cards going to David, Scott, Bryan, Seth, Corbin, and Daniel!  Thanks to everyone who came out, and especially to Moosejaw for hosting!  
"A big thank you to Moosejaw and Kansas City Climbing Club for making this beautiful [rope] a part of my life. I look forward to its promising future of adventure." -Camille

Hope to see you guys out there on the rock!

Carol Fittell
Vice President