You've picked up the sweet hobby of Rock Climbing, but you live in the Midwest.  Luckily, we have a plethora of climbing gyms for all your training (and socializing) needs. 

Ready to climb outside but don't know where to go?  Check this list of climbing areas and information near and far with detailed information on directions, approaches, amenities, etc..  

Ready to commit to rock climbing with the purchase of a harness and shoes?  Or perhaps you just need to fill your chalk bag on your way out of town.  These companies keep us stocked with gear.  They even put on some pretty rad events. Keep your money local by supporting these businesses. 

Not used to climbing trips in the Midwest?  These lists are the perfect place to start when packing for a day trip, a weekend trip, or even longer. 

Have no idea what you need to learn?  The Rock Climbing Skills pamphlet outlines the basic skills needed for different types of climbing, while the lesson plans target important information regarding the different skills.